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IBM Magstar MP3570 Tape Technology Cartirdges & Accessories

The Magstar case offers protection when storing & transporting Cartridges.

Magstar Sleeve Individually covers cartridge


The 3570 Turtle individually 'slots' cartridges and keeps them secure during transportation.
Capacity of 10

Also available to suit other media!

Create your Library!

Our five shelf desktop rack allows you to house your cartridges sequentially.

Magstar: 25 / shelf
8mm, AIT: 28 / shelf
4mm, DAT: 72 / shelf
Travan: 28 / shelf

Our " Australian Manufacturing Plant" will design a unit specific for your media!

Dimensions: 665H x 630W x 195D

More Options

Prodata has created the Media 3 shelf insert.
Capacities are:

Magstar 25: 25
8mm, AIT: 28
4mm, DAT: 36 Recessed
• Store 9 Autoloader magazines per insert
(Capacity 90)
• Suits existing Prodata Furniture
(as shown below)

Dimensions: 250H x 585W x 140D


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